The great Oktoberfest Guide

The great Oktoberfest Guide

The great Oktoberfest Guide

The best Fashion tips for the perfect Oktoberfest-visit Oans, zwoa: On 21. September, the Oktoberfest is in the next round. We give you the best Style tips for a Perfect taste straight from the tap? Thanks to GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red, this goes simply by the push of a button-from your home.

GROHE water systems will give your kitchen that extra Shine. Select the combination that suits your needs ideal. 21.

September is celebrated on the Theresienwiese in Munich for two weeks, the biggest Party in the world. The Countdown is on – are you ready? OK! in this Special, the most beautiful Dirndl, the appropriate Styling and delicious delicacies. Los s, o’zapft is go! What do I need on my first visit?

Newcomer to the Oktoberfest ? Then you invest in a traditional Dirndl. So that you are always right! The Dirndl Code: rule number 1: The Dirndl is a folk costume.

The great Oktoberfest Guide

And as for the traditions, there are clear guidelines. Everyone must decide for themselves how closely he followed it. The Dirndl consists of three Parts: a sleeveless dress, apron and blouse. The swinging skirt plays around the knee.

Only young girls are allowed to wear it a little shorter. The classic focuses on elegant colors such as Mauve, dark green or Pink. The loop reveals the relationship status. (Who needs Facebook!) Loop to the left: “Flirting, please.

I’m Single.“ She sits to the right: “Sorry, I’m forgiven.” Or will it be stylish? For the rebel inside you with the Oktoberfest dress code is no matter. The main thing, to fall in the tent. Then in the Trend Department.

The long-established Bayer is hulls with the nose, if he sees you, but you become the eye-catcher. But be aware: The on-Trend Look is just hot, when you put on fine fabrics! Couture: We invest, you were already, two Times at the Oktoberfest.

The great Oktoberfest Guide

Then it is now time for the Wow-effect! You put on a mix of traditional cut, lace and shiny elements. Also the accessories must be exclusive.

There are also great Dirndl for a small Budget? You want to celebrate in costume, but not a discussion with your Bank Manager to start? This Dirndl cost-all under 200 euros, and look fabulous. A good advice: make Sure that when you purchase on the Details of The bodice must fit exactly. It may tweak something, but do not squeeze it.

The hem of the skirt is longer than the bumper and should just be. And you prefer to take a Dirndl made from high quality fabric. Believe us, in the feast of tents, veeeery hot.

And unnecessary sweating due to incorrect materials must not be. I’ll lend it to me! Miss Unsure you don’t know whether a Dirndl is something for you. Then you go hire the costume. We have here a few good addresses: “Holareidulijö”, Schell reserve.

81, Munich, or “costume rental Breuer”, Hohenzollernstr. 22 a, Munich, And here’s the best Oktoberfest hairstyles.

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