The favorite perfumes of the Stars

These scents love Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence & co. What Pafums are the favorites of Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence (v. l)? We betray’s. if you like it floral and light and those who prefer spicy? We air the perfume-secrets of the Hollywood Ladies – Nicole Kidman , 51, about Miley Cyrus , 25, to Jennifer Lawrence , 28! The actress reveals: “Many perfumes are just too heavy and bulky, but it feels as if it would be something Lovely to wear.” “Be Delicious” by DKNY, 50 ml, EdP, approx. 31 euros, The top model, this energizing fragrance: “I love him, and he calms me down a lot,” admits Gigi. “Acqua di Gioia” by Giorgio Armani , 30 ml, EdP, approx. 36 euros, The shades of pure white flowers such as Gardenia to underline the feminine Look of the movie stars. “Kai Eau de Parfum” Kai , 50 ml, EdP, approx. 71 euros of Hollywood-Lady like floral! Notes of Wisteria, Narcissus, and Jasmine are the perfect companion for the big show. “Olène” by Diptyque , 100 ml, EdT, 120 euros, So carefree and cheerful like the singer herself also her favorite scent with Jasmine and Violets – the classic “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs , 50 ml EdT, about 45 Euro. The combination of Jasmine, lavender and peony is strong and sensual – just like the Hollywood Star himself. “Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale” by Guerlain , 100 ml, EdP, approx. 97 euros, The Duchess is so crazy about the citrus notes that you decorated Westminster Abbey for their wedding Ceremony even with the matching scented candles. “Orange Blossom” by Jo Malone 100 ml of EdC, about 155 euros of This darling of the actress captivates with a floral Bouquet of Iris and sandalwood. “Pour Femme” by Bvlgari , 100 ml, EdP, approx. 86 euros, The Oscar winner wears this fragrance only in private, she even became the advertising face of Miss Dior . Its nuances: Rose, bergamot, and rosewood. By Christian Dior , 50 ml EdP, approx. 63 Euro, investors are always looking for new ideas to add to your Portfolio. We know asset management, which is a professional and easy – and the development in the value of your assets can be simulated.

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