14 useful things you can make from towels

Is even the softest cuddle towel worn and stained, but why throw away immediately? Old or broken towels are too bad to land in the garbage. From these you can create many useful things, save money and do something for the environment. In the simplest case, the worn, but still absorbent cloths serve as rough cleaning cloths, as wipes, as a cuddly cloth when dyeing hair or for drying the dog. In animal shelters, one is always grateful for such donations. In this post I will show you what you can upcycle everything from it.

1. Wiping cover for floor wiper made Of old towels you can in no time make new covers for the floor wiper cutting. Put the towel under the bottom of the wiper head and cut it along the outer edge with a little Overhang. Let the fabric survive on the short sides so far that you can fold and sew it like the Original. Orient yourself to the old floor wiping cover-sew together on the long sides, and the new wiping cover is ready! For a particularly thick, absorbent wiper, you can also take the fabric double or even triple.

2. Bibs for your child save the money for new bibs, because a larger towel you can cut several small bib. The thicker edges are perfect for making ribbons, so that the bib does not slip when eating later. A great Alternative without ribbon is a small towel, in which you cut a fitting hole for the head of the offspring.

3. Nappy inserts Two together, and sewn, oval-shaped pieces of towel, a result insert an absorbent, washable Diaper, ideal in combination with waste-saving diaper ends diapers or cloth. If you can’t use them yourself, they are also a practical present for expectant parents.

4. Fabric Tie As a Material for the manufacture of Cloth bandages are towels are also fine. They are absorbent, soft and also an almost free Material.

5. Alternative to cotton pads the absorbency and its rough structure make washable Pads from towels a perfect, sustainable cosmetic product. Even small guest towels are enough to add you a supply. For thicker Pads with a fine surface, you can also make the cosmetic pads multi-layer, for example with the fabric of old cotton T-Shirts or worn shirts as a fine outside. Here you will find detailed instructions for the production of such eco-Pads as an Alternative to the disposable cotton pad. by ClaudiaL

6. Hot water bottle cover in addition to worn wool jumpers are also suitable towels as a Material for hot-water bottles. The towels make your hot water bottle really fluffy and the production of a cover is experienced seamsters easily. 7. Cherry core pillow is another way to re-use the towels pillows made cherry core. If you sew them in the form of small squares, you can even tinker heat storage for on the go, as an Alternative to synthetic heating pads.

8. Sponge Alternative As it would be with a bag for your soap, you can Lather in the shower use? You can also use such a soap bag for the next holiday or for excursions, without your washing bag is stained with soap.

9. Washcloths and dishcloths cut a longer rectangle out of a towel and sew it on three sides. You’ve got a new washcloth that didn’t cost you any money. Using the same principle, you can also make Flushing flaps-you don’t even have to sew them to the edges, because Flushing flaps wear quickly in daily use. by ClaudiaL

10. Great beach bag, A nice bath Towel with the motif is also great for a homemade beach bag. To get all the utensils under one hat, you can sew a larger bag according to this instructions. It can be easily cleaned in the washing machine after an excursion.

11. Beach blanket For a beach trip needs a beach bag, of course, also a blanket. As a towel is used for drying anyway, it can be used as a beach blanket optimal. A nice guide for a sturdy Beach Blanket, which conveniently serves as a bag at the same time, you will find here. The best tips free by Mail E-Mail * I have read and accept the Privacy Policy. I can revoke my consent at any time via the appropriate Link at the end of each newsletter or by e-mail.

12. Soft bath mat how about a soft bath mat for your bathroom? For this you need, however, some towels, needle and thread and proceed as in this Video guide:

13. Plastic free culture bag Commercial culture bags are usually made of plastic or lined with it. If you prefer to have a plastic-free bag, an old guest towel can turn into a chic wash bag with just a few steps. Surely there are countless other possibilities-be creative, so that the valuable Material gets a second life. How do you keep using old towels? We look forward to hearing from you!

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