Denise Temlitz Patrick Cunika engagement

Denise Temlitz + Patrick Cunika: engagement.

Denise Temlitz + Patrick Cunika: you are no longer a Couple.

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Long it was rumored, now it’s official: Denise Temlitz and Patrick Cuninka have separated.

Denise Temlitz and Patrick Cuninka are no longer a Couple.

Denise Temlitz and Patrick Cuninka are no longer a Couple.

They wanted to get married! But instead of going into the wedding preparations, have Denise Temlitz and Patrick Cunika dissolved their engagement. The two now go their separate ways.

Separation with Denise Temlitz and Patrick Cuninka.

A few weeks ago told Denise at the “Kiss Cup” in Berlin, in an interview with GALA, the romance of the delivery of your engagement to Patrick. The 26-Year-old self had asked the questions of all questions on holiday in Tenerife. Allegedly, the two wanted to be in April 2018 to tie the knot. Now everything is over but and over.

“It is so, that Patrick and I split Game Of Thrones up”,

the former “Bachelor”contestant told “celebrity flash”. The reason is that the distance between Munich and Berlin.

The reason for the love Of.

Patrick comes from Munich, Denise from the German capital. In the meantime, they lived in one, then in the other city. However, as regards the common place of residence, were the two “not to a common denominator”. Maybe their love has a Chance of success: The 28-Year-old and the Model is not yet together, always in contact, are in a dispute apart gone.