Healthy dinner The best tips

Healthy dinner The best tips little hungry, then

Beauty tip: Healthy dinner: The best tips.

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Beauty tip: Healthy dinner: The best tips.

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After a long day of work, most are looking forward to a delicious dinner. Pizza and Pasta go fast, but are not necessarily the best Alternatives, if you want to have a healthy dinner. reveals practical tips for eating out in the evening and show you the most important Dos and Don’ts for a culinary evening hours.

Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale in Barcelona, midnight in the form of tapas.

Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale in Barcelona, midnight in the form of tapas.

So delicious is the taste: tips for a healthy dinner.

“Breakfast, lunch, dinner – they are all important to allow your body to be able to play every day to form, and you get through work and everyday life. But, above all, the dinner you should do is never back. Because this is especially important for good sleep and a good metabolism. The best time for a healthy dinner is between 17 and 19 o’clock. We will tell you what you should consider when cooking .

Healthy dinner The best tips in the

So you eat properly in the evening.

1. On the amount it is .

If you have during the day, ate a little, then it can easily happen that you knock off in the evening all the more pure. But this is a very bad idea. Because during the day, you can consume excess calories or nutrients to metabolize. As they move in the evening, usually less, it is not, if you eat dinner at least three times as much as the Rest of the day. Therefore, you are going to eat all of the meals fed up and they leave no .

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2. Healthy dinner: What’s?

In the evening, you should make sure to eat a lot of fiber, vitamins and some carbohydrates. Sweets such as Nutella, jam, or chocolate should best be omitted entirely. If you want to eat pasta or bread, then you can always resort to the whole-grain version. Because it ensures that the insulin level remains constant. So you avoid nasty cravings in the evening.

Even if many think salad is a great dinner for a healthy Lifestyle – he is not there . A bowl of salad look much, but provides few nutrients and calories. If you don’t want to miss a bit of green stuff, then please only as a Supplement to a balanced dinner. Otherwise, the Hunger is faster again than you can see .

3. Eat only until 18 o’clock?

The idea that eating after 18 PM thick, is utter nonsense. Because no matter what you eat, it always comes down to the total calorie balance for the day or to increase. In General, you should never go to bed hungry. If you are plagued in the evening, in front of the TV a little hungry, then you eat a bit of yogurt with berries, Harzer-cheese-Chips or a bit of vegetables with homemade cottage cheese Dip. Anything is better than Chips and Co.

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