Gina-Lisa Lohfink scandal in the courtroom

Gina-Lisa Lohfink scandal in the courtroom men in

Gina-Lisa Lohfink: commotion in the court room.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink: commotion in the court room.

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It’s one scandal after the next: Now, the process in the case of Gina-Lisa Lohfink was interrupted. What had happened?

In the case of Gina-Lisa Lohfink, 29, wants to come before the court, no peace: On Monday afternoon, it came during the process to a head. As the “image”newspaper reported, Lohfink and your defenders leave outraged the courtroom, so the trial had to be interrupted. Their hasty departure they should have based on the grounds that the court does not want to have to exclude the Public, as scenes from the Sex Video is shown should be .

According to the “image” would not have been of the screen for the audience and the attending representatives of the press in the room visible. For today’s day of the trial would have been also recognized in the judgment, when the process will now continue, is still unclear. But that was not the only incident.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink scandal in the courtroom Statement against statement

This is how you react to the surprising Opera ball.

Naked Troublemaker.

As pictures show from the courthouse, was a Femen activist in the hallway present. These have provided a “picture”information for the loud noise in the corridors. Bare-chested, solid, the woman with Gina-Lisa Lohfink joined. On your chest, Still Not Asking For It “” (to German: I’m not challenging it still is), your back a “No means No graced” (in English: “no means no”). Under vigorous Protest, you had to be of justice staff carried out .

Statement against statement.

In the case of Gina-Lisa Lohfink, it’s going to be a wild party night in Berlin four years ago, which ended with an alleged rape. Two men had against their will with the 29-Year-old Sex. There is even a Video distributed by the men in the Internet, and editors offered for sale. Mitchell filed a police report. The rape allegations are not hardened in any proceedings against the alleged perpetrators, however. Then the turning point: Mitchell received a penalty order over € 24,000 allegations of false suspicion. They appealed .

The martyrdom is running now for four years. The so far unresolved issue: the Video Sex or rape? Anyone who has seen the Video, you can clearly hear how Lohfink several times “stop that!” says. The Prosecutor does not see in it the evidence of a rape. Finally, these words could be like and also in connection with other acute action. The Video was removed Recently from the porn site Pornhub .

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