Gisele Bundchen baby bump airbrushed out

Gisele Bundchen baby bump airbrushed out Video to article - baby

Gisele Bundchen: baby bump airbrushed out.

Gisele Bundchen: baby bump airbrushed out.

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The pregnant Gisele Bundchen recently had a photo shoot with baby bump for the Label “London Fog”. In the photos it shows, however, slender: The baby bump was airbrushed out.

For weeks, it is rumored that Gisele Bundchen will soon be a model mom and the baby belly is emerging more and more. So far, the Supermodel and her sportsman husband Tom Brady but iron have to weigh Giseles pregnancy swollen.

Gisele Bundchen baby bump airbrushed out trench coat wearing, see Gisele

Now the secret is out, however, from the very official page: In their latest photo campaign, Gisele shows sexy as ever. Only with a trench coat wearing, see Gisele in the camera and releases the views of her flawless body. However, Dari Marder, the speaker of “London Fog”, revealed that it has helped the images a bit: “Even if we have photographed Gisele during the Schwangerchaft, we have retouched most of the images slightly, in order to respect their privacy during this wonderful and personal time in their life.” Before it is suspected, however, now that Gisele is not a beautiful Pregnant woman, he added quickly: “Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen, wearing nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump.”

Happy for two.

It’s a pity that the baby belly had to disappear via Photoshop help. Already Demi Moore, Heidi Klum and Eva Herzigova showed, finally, how great for pregnant women as a Model. But it is understandable, of course Gisele would like to experience your first pregnancy is very private. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had always wanted a large family and children of their own, only in June, the Supermodel said: “family is everything to me.”

Gisele at the photo shoot.

Video to article – baby belly airbrushed out.

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