GNTM 2013 Maike’s Going too far

GNTM 2013 Maike's Going too far presenting to the customer

“GNTM 2013”: Is Maike too far now?

“GNTM 2013”: Is Maike too far now?

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GNTM 2013 Maike's Going too far and also has

“GNTM 2013”-candidate Maike (19) has made in the past few weeks, little friends, your constant whining and your inappropriate comments Heidi Klum (39) go girls huge biscuit. A new spell of the Redhead brings the barrel to Overflowing.

In the Preview to the next “GNTM 2013″episode on may 25. April, the young models at the Casting for a car to see the advertising. While Lovelyn (16) presenting to the customer, and in the Cheerleader costume in front of the Opel back-and-forth jumps, waiting for Maike and the other girls backstage and have a lot of time to Think. Maike writes the colored Lovelyn no big chances to get the Job, and also has a justification at the ready. The for indignation, because the 19-Year-old explained: “to be Quite honest, the search anyway, a certain types, the typical German girl I think, because it is a German car brand.”

Typically German, means for Maike apparently light-skinned and blonde. Lovelyn with a dark head of curls, and foreign roots is out of the question, in your view, so, no matter how well it is presented to the customer. It is clear that this comment bothers the “GNTM 2013”-candidate Lovelyn, but it retains attitude and explains the ProSieben cameras: “But I’m also not to offend.” Especially Sabrina (20) jumps for Lovelyn in the breach, they explains to Michaela that it is in the 21st century. Century “, the typical German girl”: “As it would be in Germany, so that the take for the Opel brand, just German blonde girl, so seriously, people.” She speaks what many of the girls think about Maike’s comment, and says: “That sounds racist.” What is the aftermath of Maike’s verbal misstep will have and who is allowed to model at the end for the car brand, will show on Thursday in the “Transformation Edition” .

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