GNTM-Kim your sad love conclusion

GNTM-Kim: your sad love conclusion.

GNTM-Kim: your sad love conclusion.

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After their separation from Alexander “Honey” Keen GNTM pulls-candidate Kim consequences.

Between GNTM-candidate Kim and her “Honey” Alexander Keen is the end officially. In yesterday’s episode of “Germanys Next Topmodel” came the spectators still in the enjoyment of a “Honey”-Show: For the reward of the candidates and Model-mom Heidi Klum had her Boyfriends and relatives fly in – and a common Shooting of the girls with their visit scheduled.

“Honey”-Show at GNTM..

That the ProSieben show is supposed to turn over everything to the candidate, was “Mister Hesse,” Alexander Keen not to be swayed. By pulling his “One-Man-Show” ice cold and was not afraid to stage themselves and to push in front of the camera. The consequence is that Kim and Alex are now separated – amicably, as it is said by both sides .

It manifests itself personally to their disease.

How amicable the separation was ?

“We have lived apart and in different directions are developed. We just fit together,” said the 20-Year-old in an Interview with GALA, and added: “A good Comeback is definitely excluded. Now I’m happier Single”. A clear rejection of a return to your “Honey”. However, both want to remain friends. Of course.

Kim had imagined visiting otherwise .

In an interview with TV channel ProSieben Heidi’s had girls Kim sharper tones to be heard, and expressed how much the 20-Year-old the behavior of their former friend, had interfered in the Show actually. “For me, it was not the intention that we present ourselves together in front of the camera, but that we enjoy the time in L. A.. Only he saw differently”, the balance sheet of the blonde.

“I don’t want a nice man anymore”

Honey is now a celebrity Bachelor?

From the relationship with the Model Alex, the image seems to have a semi-finalist also a lot for the future learned. It is for you, the next man in your life must be quite different than “Honey”. “I don’t want a nice man anymore.”

Alex as a Bachelor?

While Kim is happy to let the man at her side, no longer steal the Show, thinks for a male model, Alex is already on his next TV appearance: as a “celebrity Bachelor”. “I’m Single. The idea that the girls know who you’re getting into, had a completely new quality,” says the 33-Year-old to GALA. “They knew then, that it is exciting and interesting and the audience.”

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