Gordon Ramsay Cook it like Beckham

Gordon Ramsay: Cook it like Beckham!

Gordon Ramsay: Cook it like Beckham!

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The Ex-footballer is about to open a Restaurant with Gordon Ramsay. “Gala” spoke with the star chef on Becks’ culinary preferences.

If Gordon Ramsay’s look best friend to eat by, especially one on the table: meat. “David is a ‘Meat Man’,” says the star chef in an interview with “Gala”, “and a true Foodie.” A special soft spot he had for the Italian cuisine. Also wife Victoria loves Ramsay’s dishes. You grab, but plenty of steamed fish and eating – who would have thought – to salad and fruit, so Ramsay.

The best photos from David, Victoria and their children.

The Beckhams visited with the star chef 14 piece he currently holds the world – the site of their next joint project. The “Union Street Café” in London, the Kicker is involved, opened this September with a big Party. What is served there? Mediterranean cuisine, of course. With quite a lot of meat.

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