Gravina in Puglia The power of the Bond filming location so special

Gravina in Puglia The power of the Bond filming location so special Not for the first Time

Gravina in Puglia: The power of the “Bond”-the filming location so special.

Gravina in Puglia: The power of the “Bond”-the filming location so special.

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Gravina in Puglia near Bari rotation setting for the new “Bond”movie is currently. Therefore, the city is a perfect movie backdrop.

Popular location: Gravina in Puglia.

Popular location: Gravina in Puglia.

Currently, the real Hollywood is blowing air through the southern Italian town of Gravina in Puglia In August and September, the nearly 43,000 residents, is to serve the town as a filming location for “Bond 25”. Fans can look forward already now on the new Film with 007 intelligence agent James Bond (Daniel Craig), as Gravina in Puglia offers a spectacular Rotating.

Gravina in Puglia The power of the Bond filming location so special to around 300 BC when

Gravina in Puglia is located on a limestone massif in the heart of the national Park of Alta Murgia. “Gravine” are canyon-like limestone ravines that characterize the city of Gravina: Directly adjacent to the city of a 100-Meter-deep gorge to spread across the aqueduct (37 m high, 90 m long and 5.5 m wide) leads. Gravinas of origin as an ancient city can be traced to around 300 BC when the Greeks of southern Italy populated. Previously, the Samnites had inhabited natural caves. The Erosion of the caves are also decorated with many frescoes from the middle ages. These chiese rupestre (cave churches) are approved for visits .

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On A Sightseeing Tour.

In addition, the city attracts visitors with its winding alleys to a walk. Attractions the Ponte Viadotto di Gravina in Puglia, or the Castello Federiciano are. The Cathedral of the locality was between the 11. and 12. Century during the Norman era, built. The Museum Fondazione Santomasi told with remarkable ceramics and frescoes of the history of Gravina in Puglia.

Other filmmakers have discovered the ancient town on the Roman Via Appia in themselves: in addition to some of the Italian productions of the German-Italian Comedy “Maria has not been taste, it’s!” (2009), Mina Tander (40) and Christian Ulmen (43) in part filmed there. In the Film, Gravina was renamed in Puglia in Campobello .

Italy as a popular filming location.

Not for the first Time decided to “Bond”-maker for Italy as a filming location. In “Casino Royale” (2006) recovers 007 Daniel Craig (51) in the Villa del Balbianello, at the tip of the Peninsula Lavedo in Lenno on lake Como, of its torture. In the Villa Gaeta at lake Como, is Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) in Venice is trying to save Bond’s Vesper in a Palazzo. For his second James Bond Film “Quantum of solace” turned Daniel Craig in the old town of Siena, and delivered a fast-paced chase on the lake Garda. In the capital, Rome, was for “Spectre” (2015), among other things, on the archway of the Garibaldi Museum, the Saint Peter’s square or in the Villa di Fiorano, in the Via Appia Antica rotated.

The new “Bond”movie is on 2. April 2020 in the German cinemas start. It will be directed by Cary Fukunaga (42, “Beasts of No Nation”). James Bond enjoys at the beginning of the film his retirement in Jamaica, but then a friend needed his help. In addition to Daniel Craig, among other things, “Bohemian Rhapsody”-Star Rami Malek (38), and “Captain Marvel”-actress Lashana Lynch (31) see .

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