Green living Sustainable furniture and decoration

Green living Sustainable furniture and decoration about seven years, and the

Green living: Sustainable furniture and decoration.

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Green living: Sustainable furniture and decoration.

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The gap between fast Interior products and unique Vintage pieces at first glance seems great. But with a few Tricks, it can also move in you easier than you thought and sustainability .

Not only in clothes of the desire for sustainable production is on the rise. In terms of decoration and furniture for the own four walls, pay attention, more and more people on the ecological and economic aspects.

Sustainable furniture production: A glance at the website shows.

Anyone looking for sustainable furniture, you should pay particular attention to the furniture in production: How, and under what circumstances it was produced? Many furniture manufacturers provide on their website information about their production. A Search on the Internet is in most cases a first impression about the type and manner of production. However, until today there is no legally binding Definition for the sustainable production of furniture. Also, manufacturers are not required so far, the origin of the raw materials to be shown.

Video article – recipes from Zanzibar.

Green living Sustainable furniture and decoration easier than you thought

These seals serve as a decision-making aid.

In the case of furniture, all of which are awarded the Blue angel, is the release of pollutants such as solvents, formaldehyde, and plasticizers limited. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit and independent Organisation promoting responsible forest management. Another Label, the sustainable production in the Living industry, it is a Eco-Control. This seal of quality is awarded by the members of the European Association of ecological furnishing houses and examine products in the fields of textile and upholstered furniture.

You rely on renewable raw materials.

Also, the Material of the piece of furniture tells a lot about sustainability. Who wants to sustainable living and setting up, in the plastic – and pollutant-loaded furniture no place. A sustainable living concept distinguishes itself especially from the furniture and accessories that are made of renewable raw materials, such as wood, bamboo, or cotton. But also seagrass, water hyacinth or Rattan are among the sustainable materials.

These Stars are committed to the environment .

Wood products to be certified should be sustainable .

In terms of wooden furniture and decoration, you should rely mainly on the raw material originates from sustainable forestry in Germany or Europe, and thus a long Way behind. For a long time, but not of European origin, the so-called Mango-wood. It is a by-product of the Mango-crop is obtained. After the trees bear enough fruit, you will like after about seven years, and the wood can be further processed .

Sustainability with traditional craftsmanship.

In times of mass production and fast-changing Trends, it is worth, in particular, the views of the traditional craftsmanship. Because there, you can find it in most of the cases, a transparent production chain, the detailed information about the manufacture of your piece of furniture to disclose. Online stores, such as Artisan Home, offer products only from the countries in which they have traditionally be prepared .

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