Grill the Henssler disgust Dessert Reiner Calmund spoils the appetite

“Grill the Henssler”: “disgust”-a Dessert of Pure Calmund spoils the appetite.

Reiner Calmund: “I’ve never such a crappy Dessert eaten”

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Reiner Calmund has to digest the disappointment of his life: the “munchie” has not drifted. For the first time, the Gourmet spurned a Dessert in the Show, “Grill the Henssler”.

That was so not the night to Pure Calmunds, 70, taste. In the first episode of the summer specials, the Vox cooking Show “Grill den Henssler” you must forgive the former football functionary and a Gourmet a red card. For dessert, the Ex-TV-actor and DJ Jan Leyk, 34, “Calli” only contempt: “I’ve never such a crappy Dessert eaten” in the living room all the culinary heavy weight, and the more apparently unusual creation from grilled banana and pineapple with caramel at the jury, colleague, Comedian Mirja Boes, 47, .

Grill the Henssler disgust Dessert Reiner Calmund spoils the appetite 2019 Share

Stars at the Essen.

Jan Leyk, and Steffen Henssler cooking with one arm.

Mirja is Leyks sweet dish succeeded and awards 10 points. Maybe your decision is due to the severe conditions under which Leyk against the hosts, Steffen Henssler, 46, has to compete. The Dessert need to restore the two opponents with only one Arm. Also, since the comrade-in-arms, the CDU-politician and Ex – “Miss Germany” Dagmar Wöhrl, 65, and “GZSZ”Star Felix of Jacheroff, 36 amazement. Star chef Sascha Stemberg, 40, is the lay on the stove, a support, cannot avert the Evil. “This is not normal, so what,” he says stunned, the Done – and can no longer prevent the predictable Dessert fiasco .

Felix von Jascheroff is often confused with “GZSZ”-character .

Felix von Jascheroff is allowed to erkochen, however, before his main course, fillet of beef with Mango and sweet potatoes, points, and, after all, a draw against Henssler. The Soap actor is in his role as “John Bachmann” familiar with the gastronomy. However, not behind the stove. “In the role of I’m the one who takes care of the nice drinks for the evening,” the 36-Year-old right. Curiously enough, not infrequently he is confounded with his character John. “There are even people who write to me: ‘Felix, can you give me a table in the ‘masonry’ reserve’? The I say: ‘Yes, it is a bit difficult’,” he says, laughing.

Grill the Henssler disgust Dessert Reiner Calmund spoils the appetite Dessert of Pure

Dagmar Wöhrl, talks about her eventful life.

Policy professional, Dagmar Wöhrl has not such problem. However, the 65-Year-old some of your interesting live reports. Not all of the audience is certainly aware of the fact that the CDU woman was elected in 1977, once for the “Miss Germany”. What a career leap! In cook, the former parliamentary Secretary of state has in the Ministry of economy, too. Their Ceviche is very good, even if it is subject to, finally, with a difference of only one point hosts Henssler .

The first episode of the summer specials to “Grill the Henssler” makes the eponymous professional chef the victory crown to take home. With a final score of 91:79 the Show with a small, slightly unpleasant beige schmäckle for Süßmäulchen reiner Calmund ends .

Source used: VOX.

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