Guidos Galaxy in a new year

Guidos Galaxy in a new year movement must

Guido’s Galaxy: into a new year.

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Gala-columnist Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals what this new year is In and how he had to spend, personally, the evening will.

I hope you all had a joyful holiday season and are now ready for the big new year’s eve night. Depending on what plan you should, of course, also fit the Outfit. I am this year, big Fan of glitter effects. Whether on the Cocktail dress, the chic skirt or the jacket, on new year’s eve, it may Shine and Shine, where it’s just .

Freedom of movement must be.

When I think of tomorrow night, I have a Rock from my collection. He is the front shorter than the back, and sparkles wonderfully. Simply work a little with effects. Little Cocktail dresses or sequined dresses go, as long as you can Dance in it and have fun.

Guidos Galaxy in a new year It should catch

Barbara And Boris Becker.

Son Elias to get Model tips from a half-sister, Anna Ermakowa.

Pretty it’s supposed to be, but please don’t freeze.

Combine you can the super with a coat or a Cape, because new year also always means to go out and pop. It should catch a cold, after all, no one in the first night of the year .

The men can celebrate, for example in a Retro Look or in the narrow suit with glitter-effects. Super also shirts with standing collar and a chic jacket over it or a effect full vest with a jacket over it, you can take off in-between. Also, you should choose a danceable Outfit and maybe a fancy watch combine. Tomorrow is, after all, a lot of the time.

At home it is very cozy.

We are celebrating this year quietly with good friends and my foster child from Ireland. Because of the dogs we are in the country. The geböller don’t like so much. The would be in Berlin by turning, as los pop all three days in advance. We’ll have a nice dinner together and welcoming in the new year to start. I have a Ritual I do every year. I write about the year, my wish to spread and burn the night in the new year’s eve. In the fall, I’ll take the ashes to Paris and scatter them. A beautiful thing, I think, because for me this is always like a year in review.

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