Anne Wants To

Anne, probably the most known German talk master’s Will. For years, the smart she discussed about the issues of Germany are concerned

Anne Wants To

  • Born 18. In March 1966 , Cologne / Germany
  • First Name Anne
  • Name Want
  • Years 54
  • Size 1.69 m
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Partner Miriam Meckel (married since 2016)

Not everyone knows that

Your first money Anne earned Want to go with something that is not journalism after all, completely remote: she was delivering Newspapers .

The nickname of Anne Will is a bit strange, but memorable – Willi.

Their commitment and their competence is not, of course, remain unnoticed. Anne and others received Want the "German Television Award", the "Golden Camera" and was already twice for the "Adolf-Grimme-Award" nominated.

Biography of Anne Will

Maybe her last name is just an abbreviation for "strong-willed" – because she’s always been. Grew up in Hürth, Anne wanted to Want to be a carpenter as a child: "With the desire to be a Professional carpenter, I wanted to impress, rather to my father, who had done an apprenticeship as a Carpenter before he became an architect. Also, I loved the smell of glue and wood. But at some point, the tool had a box as a toy is."

And so the young woman knew already at the age of 16 years, that you could deal with words better than with wood. After graduating, Anne began to Want to, at the University of Cologne and the Free University of Berlin To study political science, English and history. And not only that – even during your time as a student, she also wrote for the kölnische Rundschau and the Spandauer Volksblatt.

New Job for the Lochis

Moderate you now "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Anne Wills, the way to ARD

Your first steps in the TV-presenter was Anne Will Berlin in the mid-90s, when the transmitter-Free: There you will be moderated "To be honest" and "Palace of sports" and it quickly became clear that Talent is in you. From there it went uphill for the tough cologner steep. With your Moderation of the "Sports show" One thousand nine hundred ninety nine – she was the first woman who moderated the programme, managed, finally, the breakthrough. Anne Wants to say in the review: "I have benefited from it, that I am a woman. It started that my former boss has built me up to the first sports show presenter. The ZDF had already presented women in this function, the ARD’s catch-up had to, that was my advantage."

From 2001 to 2007, Anne was then on the side by Ulrich Wickert and Tom Buhrow in the ARD to see the issues of the day .

A hesitant Günther Jauch

Actually was provided by the ARD, Günther Jauch, the successor of Sabine Christiansen in the context of a political talk show to offer. This was refused, however instead of that, Anne was to the new political Talkerin chosen. 16. September, 2007 "Anne Wants To" for the first time on the air. Between 2011 and 2015, had talken her place for Günther Jauch, who had decided now, however, in Public Law, and soft. However, Anne Wants to don’t more think away from the program, and according to Jauch retreat back to its original place .

Strong for women

She says that she could then take advantage of being a woman. But the woman-is no guarantee of success, but rather the opposite is the case, your well aware of. It is one of the first signatories of the Initiative "Per Rate", working for a quota for women in media professions .

And also for the Younger Anne is actively: For "Scoring Girls", a project, the girls with a migrant background for football inspire you want stand Want to with the girls on the field.

Anne Wills private happiness

Anne Will live for years with the Communications expert Miriam Meckel,. As the Couple made the relationship in 2007 to the public, a murmur went through the Republic. Anne Will has never regretted this decision and says: "No one has forced or blackmailed, as it was speculated. Not a tabloid Medium has set us under pressure. We had simply no more desire on the spasm: I, Miriam, to come ." In 2016, the two married .

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