Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande: The singer and actress is mostly sweet, but on stage rather in skimpy Outfits mega sexy. The power she loves – most of the time anyway

Ariana Grande

  • Born 26. In June 1993 , Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  • First Name Ariana
  • Name Grande-Butera
  • Years 26
  • Size 1.59 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer
  • Partner Pete Davidson (separated) ; Mac Miller (2016-2018) ; Ricky Alvarez (2015-2016) ; Big Sean (2014-2015) ; Jai Brooks (2012-2014) ; Graham Phillips (2008-2011)

Not everyone knows that

Ariana Grande was raised Catholic, got out from the Church because of Benedict with Pope Benedict XVI was satisfied. Since then, she follows, like Madonna or Britney Spears – the Kabbalah.

She’s allergic to cats, fish and bananas.

At the end of January 2015, you have been a victim of a fake death message on Twitter.

For your first name your parents of the Comics were "Felix The Cat" from 1959 to inspire: in it there is a Princess Oriana.

Her half brother Frankie is ten years older and works as an actor and producer.

She works with the same Vocal Coach as well as Katy Perry: Eric Vetro.

"Yours Truly" created over a period of three years.

After the whale-documentary "Blackfish" had seen, pushing Ariana Grande Fans, "SeaWorld" to visit.

Since 2009, Ariana for informed "Broadway in South Africa" Children in South Africa in song and dance.

For "Victorious" she had to dye every week, the hair red .

Since 2011, she synchronized the Princess Diaspro in the Nickelodeon series "Winx Club".

The High School she finished from home.

Her parents divorced when Ariana eight or nine years old, exactly, you can’t determine it for yourself .

Her voice spans four octaves, which is why you often with Soul-Diva Mariah Carey, which has five octaves on it, compared .

In March 2014, she performed at the White house, a month later, U.S. President Barack Obama invited you back .

Ariana Grande was able to win many awards including a MTV Video music Award, two MTV Europe Music Awards and a Bambi.

Ariana makes more than music: And perfumes, their first fragrance is called "Ari by Ariana Grande", Make-Up – you worked with the brand MAC Cosmetics and fashion for Lipsy London designed.

The singer has adopted four dogs: Ophelia, Coco, Toulouse and Fawkes.

Ariana Grande is a vegan.

In 2015, the singer returned to acting and starred in the first season of the series "Scream Queens" – in the main roles of the series, one sees, among others, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele – the role of the Chanel #2, however, they appeared only in four episodes .

Mrs Katy Perry was in an Interview that Ariana "the best female voice in current Pop music" have.

Biography of Ariana Grande

The love for music and acting seems to have Ariana Grande to be in his blood: even as a child she acted in theatre, sang as an eight-year-old in a Karaoke Lounge on a cruise ship. In 2008, she had made it to Broadway and appeared in the Musical "Thirteen" on. The role of cheerleader Charlotte brought her the first Junior prices – the success story of Ariana Grande began, up to their Megahit "Problem" however, it does take a few more years.

The first TV roles: Sweet and naive as the actress

2009 got hold of Ariana Grande a Part in the Nickelodeon Series "Victorious" She played the sweet, but for everyone in Cat Valentine. The media compared to the TV character with Brittany Murphy as Tai, from the Cult film "Clueless – What else?!" 1995: innocent and kind, sort of helpless and, above all, naive. In 2013, Ariana got her own A Spin-Off Series "Sam + Cat" together with Jennette McCurdy, Sam played. The happiness was short-lived: Ariana Grande and her colleague came clear to each other and the Show after just one season was set.

After the attack

Ariana Grande cancels the Tour

Music: Between singing talent and stage outfits from the sex shop

For only 1.59 meters big Ariana the was no fracture of the leg. Finally, she had enough time to devote to your true passion: the music! "The acting is fun, but music will always be the most Important thing for me ", the young artist once said. During her time at "Victorious" and "Sam & Cat" was allowed to warm-up the brunette her vocal talent and Songs for the shows soundtrack, but only with your Debut album "Yours Truly", the on 30. August 2013 appeared, she celebrated her breakthrough as a musician. The record sold 138,000 to Time in the first week, and scored from 0 to 1 in the US Billboard 200 Charts.

Almost exactly a year later Ariana Grande has delivered her second Album "My Everything", like its predecessor, the Billboard topped the 200 chart. The third Album, which will appear in 2016 Single "Dangerouswoman", the same name as the Album, rose to # 10 on the American Billboard Top 100. So Ariana Grande is the first artist that has managed to place all the Lead Singles of their previously published plates in the Top Ten .

Her meteoric rise brought also a Problem: The Team of Ariana Grande expressed her the stamp "sexy" on, in their presentations, must present itself to the artist is always as the naive seductress in skimpy Outfits. Her stylist bought the stage outfits for Ariana in the sex shop – a real shock for the singer! In the summer of 2014, she confessed to the "New York Daily News": "I don’t feel comfortable with my sexy Image or with my clothes!"

"Problem", "Bang Bang", "Break Free": Great Hits with great colleagues

But Ariana’s Fans love their clothes and their collaborations! Their biggest Hit "Problem" she brought in April 2014 on the market, you will Rap-Shooting Star Iggy Azalea supported. Then came "Break Free": Ariana had the German-Russian DJ Zedd together done. Only two months later, appeared "Bang Bang" and again, this Time the British had brought Ariana Grande, celebrities support, Singer Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj, the sassy rapper from Trinidad and Tobago. Also "Love Me Harder", a Song for the Ariana with the canadian artist The Weeknd started, was a big Hit.

The Social Web

Ariana has her boyfriend (Rapper Mac Miller), many of the people with whom you can share your life: your huge fan base in social media. Her YouTube Channel with almost 30 million subscribers one of the most successful Channels ever, on Instagram your more than 135 million people follow – it is on place 2 of all the Instagram-Accounts –, your Tweets read almost 60 million Fans and Facebook about 32 million Users so far represented the thumbs up for Ariana.

Ariana fights back against her Diva Image

The tough singer but can stand well alone. Therefore, it is often referred to as a Diva or a bitch, and in the process, that it is only your opinion and your wishes: "Often women are referred to so, if you have a Vision and are strong and use your voice. But this is not the case. You can be strong and friendly. [We] don’t have to be only one of the two ." How right she has to !

Ariana is not so cute?

In July 2015, the network was shocked. A Video spread like a wild fire. To see: The little Ariana Grande in a Donut Shop, recorded by the surveillance camera. What are you doing? Well, Yes – she is licking the Donuts in the counter and then says: "I hate Americans. I hate America." The singer responded to the scandal by writing, publicly, that you "extremely proud to be an American " and that your statement in the Donut Shop refer to the strong Obesity, which is widespread among Americans,. A Video will follow soon, in which she apologizes and admits that she "pathetic behaviour " and that you "disgusted" of himself was. A real Donut scandal!

The Terror of Manchester

Shortly after the end of a concert of her "Dangerouswoman Tour" in the "Manchester Arena" 22. In may 2017 there was an Explosion. 22 people were killed, at least 59 were injured. Grande itself remained unharmed. But you said in shock, the Rest of your tour – three days later, you should have been in London on stage. She tweeted: "Broken. From the bottom of my heart I’m so, so sorry. I have no words ." The police confirmed that it was in the Explosion to a terrorist attack. A suicide bomber had blown themselves up in the Foyer in the air. A few weeks after the terrible tragedy of Ariana-initiated found Benefit concert called One Love Manchester instead.

Ariana Grande has no luck in love

To have this experience, it was certainly the most painful, what Grande had to experience Ariana in her young life to date. But of course, the singer struggles with the normal everyday concerns of a young woman, at the top, of course with the love. She already has a lot of failed relationships behind him, among other things, with Actor Graham Phillip, Comedian Jai Brooks, Rapper Big Sean, a dancer, Ricky Álvarez and musicians in Mac Miller. In the summer of 2018 Ariana Grande seemed to have at last the right man was found. After only a few months of relationship, they got engaged with the Actor and Comedian Pete Davidson. But only three months later had the dream of marriage again. The two broke their engagement and parted.

Albums by Ariana Grande

  • 2013: Yours Truly
  • 2014: My Everything
  • 2016: Dangerous Woman
  • 2018: Sweetener
  • 2019: Thank U, Next,

Songs of Ariana Grande

  • 2013: The Way
  • 2014: Problem
  • 2014: Break Free
  • 2014: Bang Bang
  • 2014: Love Me Harder
  • 2015: Focus
  • 2016: Dangerous Woman
  • 2016: Into You
  • 2016: Side-to-Side
  • 2017: Everyday
  • 2017: Beauty and the Beast
  • 2018: No Tears Left to Cry
  • 2018: God Is a Woman
  • 2018: Thank U, Next,

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