Eye cream test-eye circles goodbye!

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Eye cream review: cream dark circles in the GALA-Test

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  • 11.05.2020

In eye cream-Test two GALA editor took the new cream of the Loan more closely. The result is that you’ll learn here.

The new cream against dark circles in the eye cream Test

Beautiful, well-groomed skin, a radiant Smile and a pleasant appearance are many of the Ladies and Gentlemen of today is important. But a lot needs to be done. In addition to the regular appointment at the hairdresser, the dental cleaning and a manicure daily skin care routine belongs to just.

While day creams have already taken a permanent place in most of the bathrooms , a good eye cream is still missing in the Repertoire of many Beauty Queens.

The skin under the eyes is very special needs. It is much thinner and therefore more susceptible to external influences such as, for example, the pollution of the environment. A lack of hydration, sleep and recovery are the first to be under the eyes. The Consequences: dry skin, wrinkles and pesky dark circles and shadows.

The new cream of the Loan promises to give, in particular, against the Latter remedy. But you can keep what it promises? The GALA-editors Sonia Majtler and Yasemin Kulen have taken the eye cream under the microscope, several weeks tested.

What are the cream of the eye cream test promises ?

The tested "Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream" of the Loan in the first place Eyes rings the battle announcements. The eye cream is produced in Switzerland and contains Vitamin E and a Vitamin C derivative. A day in the morning and in the evening, applied the match to be supplied to the eyes are ideal with moisture .

In this way, Wrinkles and eye rings reduced visible be. In the Following, you will learn what the GALA-test keep inside Yasemin and Sonia from the eye cream .

Eye cream-Test: help, I’m getting old!

Yasemin: When I was 25, reminded me of my grandma, it was now the time to care for my skin. In fact, since she left me I was a Teen, never go out without sun glasses to prevent wrinkles – and I have taken until today .

Fortunately, I was also, as predicted, the crow’s feet are spared and the rest of my appearance is the least suspect that I have already ignored beyond 30 am – even if I skin the warnings of my grandma regarding Anti-Aging skin care thoroughly .

However, there is a change in my face, I Discovered only recently: Eyes rings! I’ve pushed a student loose to the night shift, so a sleepless night makes today’s rapidly-in the Form of dark Grooves under my eyes is noticeable. It’s high time to test an eye cream .

Sonia: Beyond 30, I have no major problems with wrinkles around the eyes. For rings and nasty fights for years with the eyes of the dark shadows under the eyes. Without Concealer I look just like a Panda – lots of sleep, nursing, and three liters of water a day or. Eye cream I use is actually for almost 17 years.

I have resigned myself, however, that this score only in terms of moisture effects in me. And I’ve tried countless eye creams in all price ranges, consistencies, and brands. The Only thing that has minimized my dark circles, however, was Make-up. The more tense I am, of course, what is the "Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream" of Loan can cause. The ingredients sound very promising.

Over with wrinkles, dark shadows and eye bags

1. First Impression

Yasemin: As a chronic Online Shopperin and Prime member I’m very curious about the eye cream from the newly launched own-brand Loan to a Test. At first glance, neither the Packaging nor the Design acts as the brand belong to an Online Shop.

The eye cream comes in a stylish petrol green packaging and is manufactured by experts in Switzerland . The "Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream" promises a brightening effect, to in combination with moisture, the rings around the eyes relieve .

Sonia: The packaging of the cream is a simple, visually appealing, and dispenses with the frills. Much more surprising for me is the consistency of the cream is. Normally, the eye creams that I use are much thinner and not so "opaque". The eye cream is really white is remarkable and reminds me at the first sight, in fact, a little bit of toothpaste.

2. Smell/Consistency

Yasemin: The eye cream from Amazon fragrance and therefore, especially for Allergy sufferers and the particularly sensitive nose is suitable. Therefore, I feel immediately comfortable. The consistency is rich, but not too heavy. For the more Mature skin you could, therefore, perhaps too easy, for me it is perfect.

Sonia: The smell of the eye cream is neutral. In view of the fact that I sera in the rule, Oils and creams on the face behalf, this absence of Smell, for a change, quite enjoyable.

Around the eyes applied to the game, distributed and tapped into the eye cream of the Loan does not remind fortunately, even in toothpaste. It is very rich, but super absorbs quickly . Concealer, powder and Make-up can immediately be applied easily, without even close to smearing.

Makeup tips for the Wow-effect

3. Effect

Yasemin: The eye cream Vitamin C derivative promises a firmer appearance of the skin, Vitamin E is an antioxidant and protects against free Radicals – that is, the external influences, which are exposed to throughout the day .

In fact, I can the first to Apply a fill effect to notice. In combination with the correct Application of Concealer, are alleviated my dark circles significantly. And also in the following applications, I mean me, at least, to infer that the The skin around my eyes firmer has become .

Sonia: Since I apply in the evening facial oil and the eyelash serum, I have relatively often on eyes cream through the night. Accordingly, the effect of the eye cream would be highly likely that another, if I recommended it, like, twice a day would use .

However, I’m already so very satisfied with the result. Since I have very sensitive skin and dryness-prone, I was more curious how my eyes react. Too many ingredients cause me quickly to small pimples or redness. Of which not a trace is to use the eye cream of the Loan .

My skin is super moisturized . The three little wrinkles that I have are now gone, of course, but I lead them back anyway, more Laughter. This is me after about two weeks of use actually Difference in terms of eye shadow noticed. Of course I have not transformed me through the tested eye cream from Panda to snow white, but a difference I see definitely. My eye shadows are now no longer jet black, but rather friendly light grey. After all!

Three popular Foundations in the GALA-Test

4. Conclusion

Yasemin: Eye cream-Test passed! The eye cream from the Amazon own-brand Loan has convinced me surprised and at the same time. And also the price of 18 Euro you can see a comparable product made with high quality ingredients from the perfumery or pharmacy will cost at least the Double.

Sonia: All external Beauty treatments of course have their Limits. I don’t expect an eye cream for so long that it wipes out all of my blemish as if by magic over night. Also I made the experience, that expensive eye creams are definitely getting better and better .

In regards to the ingredients, apply to my skin anyway "less is more". And that’s why I "Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream" convinced. The Price-to-performance ratio is super, the effect is top and not a trace of unpleasant reactive and smelling skin.

If you are curious and the "Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream" of Loan even would like to test, you can order them here .

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