Barbara Meier 1 000 red roses for 1 wedding day

Cheesy or romantic?

Barbara Meier: the 1,000 red roses to 1. Wedding day

02. June, 2020 – 5:36 PM

What a Surprise!

On 1. June 2019 Barbara Meier, and Klemens hallmann gave a romantic XXL-wedding in Venice to tie the knot. The romance has done the wedding ring on the hands of the couple seemingly not diminish – on the contrary! The pregnant Model has not received of your sweetheart, namely only a large bouquet of red roses, but 1,000 pieces. But the road to the flowers was not an easy one, as Barbara reveals…

A sea of red roses

"The most beautiful 1. The day of the wedding, and I could wish ", Barbara Meier is happy. No wonder, then, finally, you got half a flower shop for the special day of your loved one. The roses were hidden in a special place where the still fresh-in-love couple in the evening a dinner has celebrated. However, these had to find the Model first .

"Klemens know how much I love puzzles! That’s why he sent me today on a mystery trip and it was only when I had all dissolved, I knew where our dinner is taking place", Barbara explains. Apparently, the Model seems to have the scavenger hunt successfully. We are excited to see what the hubby next year to come up with. Then the Couple will not be alone. The 33-Year-old is currently pregnant.

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