Bernd Eichinger you miss him so much

Bernd Eichinger: you miss him so much

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  • 03.02.2011

Daughter of Nina, wife, Katja, and mother Ingeborg mourn the loss of Bernd Eichinger. His death leaves the most important women in his life stunned

Katja Eichinger, Bernd Eichinger, Nina Eichinger

It will take a long time to Nina Eichinger

your father can speak without breaking down into tears. Incredibly deep, the pain is about the sudden death of Bernd Eichinger. For you he was the father, who has loved and protected, influenced, encouraged, and exhorted, and not only a great producer. This man on the evening of the 24. Who died January, has made the life of Nina Eichinger, 29, from one second to the other on the head. And also from Katja Hofmann, 39, had celebrated with Bernd Eichinger before Christmas, the fourth wedding anniversary. She was the love of his life, and finally had peace and quiet in the world of the old woman’s flock, and live brought to man. Side-by-side, the two women mourned at the farewell ceremony in the Eichinger-Villa high above the legendary Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Only close contacts, such as Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck or Roland Emmerich were these days to you.

Every evening, Bernd Eichinger, called his mother, Ingeborg, she sometimes accompanied him to premieres.

Every evening, Bernd Eichinger, called his mother, Ingeborg, she sometimes accompanied him to premieres.

Really, no one could comfort the bereaved. Katja and Nina was not only the most important person of trust, they had to the death of a father and a husband also with a view. What a tragedy: in Front of your eyes, during a Dinner at a classy Italian restaurant "Cecconi’s" together bags the 61-Year-old all of a sudden. To 20.48 PM local time the emergency call comes in at the fire Department, three minutes later, the forces are in the Restaurant. With blue light Bernd Eichinger is "Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center" transported, where the Doctors determine death. Diagnosis: heart attack – the same cause of death as four years ago with his sister Monika.

Much too early, and yet a death, as Eichinger wanted has. "I want to fall over and Bang, that’s it", he said in an Interview . "Bernd has had an end, as he would have written it myself and directed", so his good friend Lisa Seitz to Gala. That his desire was fulfilled, for Nina and Katya, perhaps, eventually, a consolation. Infinite Bernd Eichinger will be missed by you always, just like his mother, Ingeborg, 89, who lives in the Bavarian Rennertshofen. As good as these three women are only a few knew him. He showed the part of his personality that he hid in the Public, even at work. He was there as a brilliant, but aloof fellow, imperious, quarrelsome, adamant, he is revealed to be private, the second I: big-hearted and empathetic Eichinger met with the women and friends in his life. "He was not only the largest producer, but also a passionate family man", Marc Rothemund said to Gala.

With Nina, the Director, was Eichinger has been intimately connected with it, would have done anything for her. And producer Hans W. Geißendörfer, a long-time companion Eichinger’s, remembers: "I’ve seen him with several Girlfriends. He was always very faithful. He has never really left someone, but the women won to his circle of friends to." Whether or not Nina’s mother, Sabine Eichinger, whether Hannelore Elsner, Katja Flint or Corinna Harfouch, all of these beautiful, intelligent and successful women were associated Eichinger, even after the separation of closely . "He was incredibly generous to very, very many people, and he was boundless, emotionally generous to a few", actress Lisa Seitz, who knew Eichinger 32 years says. As "Rock in the Surf" Katja Flint last week, referred to her Ex-Partner: "For my son Oscar, he was a fatherly friend, who stood him for a long time our relationship with a dedicated advice page ."

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