Cameron Diaz “Curse keeps the tongue loose”

Cameron Diaz: "Swearing holds the tongue loose"

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  • 22.06.2011

Separated from A-Rod? Oh what! "Gala" a relaxed Cameron Diaz has found her recipe for happiness met in Berlin

Locker is posing on the rooftop terrace

the "China Club", her dress flutters in the Berlin Wind, and is a toned Gazelle legs. In the Interview with "Gala" is Cameron Diaz so relaxed, like it is expected of the Sunshine Girl. And, Yes, even funny. Whether the curse tirades from their current Film "Bad Teacher" after the shoot and again got out of the habit ? "Not at all. I’ll just keep going. Swearing holds the tongue loose!" Why not? In the case of your Lover, baseball star Alex Rodriguez, to come up pithy sayings known to be well .

The recent U.S. press reports about an alleged separation of the 35-Year-old has coped with Cameron, as if nothing had happened. Nothing was Yes: The actress and the athlete are still a Few. Recently, the two hands visited the holding in Miami, a plot of land on which the new luxury-property of Baseball by the ACE, is formed. If everything runs as smooth as before, Cameron is feeding the same in A-rod’s new home. That the relationship works continues to be excellent, is to a large extent your merit. Coordinating the tight schedules of Workaholics, paddles work between shooting, baseball games, and the Promo-Tour of her new Comedy over again for the precious time that belongs to just the two of them. As at the beginning of June, as your Lover in Anaheim, near Los Angeles, played Baseball. The scarce leisure time, he spent instead of with his boys at his girlfriend in Beverly Hills. Variety is the two just as important as the small time-outs. So, one Partner travels as often as possible to the other. No Problem, this eternal life out of a suitcase? Not for Cameron: "You get used to everything", she says, and shows their sympathetic laughter lines.

Why he is now in his separation of 2018 known

For the actress, it is, of course, to commute between Miami – the hometown of your Lovers -your current primary residence is New York and Los Angeles. Especially on the route New York-Florida, A-rod’s private jet is often used. Absolute enthusiasm for each other – and the fascination that emanates from the exciting life of the other: The connects the Couple. Before Alex Rodriguez, Cam was in a relationship mostly with actors, to the world of super athletes you had no reference. What you experienced in A-rod environment, she finds, unlike in the predecessor, Kate Hudson, that’s great. One or several Beers with his team mates hiss, instead of at an Event with an Armada gelackter hunks standing around? Just perfect! Men jokes rough to listen to? But always!

The muscles are the Stars

In return, Alex Rodriguez likes to accompany Cam, if she is walking in Hollywood to the houses. Without High Heels, Cam never leaves the house. In the case of private Dates, they are just as much a duty as is the case with Interviews and premieres. A-Rod like the clear. He is three years younger bother you again little. In front of the Older the actress has no fear: "I know myself better now, am more fulfilled and happier. That’s why I enjoy being older. I just like it!", she confesses and declares: "If you fixate on superficial beauty, it is lost anyway. There must eventually come more ." In the best case, a good guy such as Alex Rodriguez, with the life at any time brings fun. Martina Ochs, Hili Ingenhoven

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