Clever Trick, So small children do not confuse their shoes

Which is the one on the left, which is the right Shoe?

Clever Trick: So small children are not to be confused with your shoes

22. May 2020 – 11:37 PM

Left foot in the left Shoe

When children learn, their shoes, dressing themselves, doesn’t work most of the time at the beginning as well. Apparently, the Small notice if you wear the left Shoe on the left foot, and Vice versa. There is a simple Trick how you can check yourself .

Parents can simply cut a Sticker in half of the shoes stick. Then, for the child is immediately apparent, as the Pair of shoes together is the right way up .

Sticker after the election

As a sticker dabie can serve everything, the divided is still a recognizable entity. Just in half, to cut in every Shoe glue – so that the whole subject is visible, if the shoes are right next to each other .

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