Corona rules in Brandenburg, These restrictions apply currently

Private Meetings, Catering, Culture, Leisure, Sport

This Corona are the rules currently in Brandenburg

30. May 2020 – 1:21 PM

Overview of the Corona-rules in Brandenburg

Brandenburg makes loose: Here are allowed to meet in comparison to the other länder, is already quite a lot of people .

In General, a distance requirement to the other people of at least 1.5 meters, as well as a duty to cover the mouth and nose with masks, towels or scarves while shopping and in public Close is everywhere, and long – distance transport.

We have summarized the most important Corona-rules in Brandenburg .

Meeting with other people

Members of two house stands, can meet in the public and private space, for example, two families or couples living in a household. The group size plays no role (for example, in the case of families with many children). New to us is also now up to 10 people from different home-stands, can make. So can meet now and again the Clique – with up to 10 people. There is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, and all other hygiene commandments still applies .

Gastronomy and tourism

Restaurants and cafes can open it again, if the hygiene rules and the minimum distance to be complied with. The opening time is limited to the time from 6 o’clock to 22 o’clock. Pubs and Bars have to remain closed if they do not offer there prepared food .

Hotels and apartments may 25. May measures to be leased under all the usual Hygiene. Also Camping is possible. Since the age of 15. May the duration of camping and a motorhome is Camping allowed again. However, you must have access to a private sanitary system .

Culture and leisure

From Saturday, 6. June, cultural events in areas with up to 75 people and under the open sky to be held up to 150 people. Include events for example concerts, theatre and cinemas. With the present steps, it is 13. June is almost no facilities to give more, the total must remain closed. Exceptions, which have been called, are about steam saunas and Indoor playgrounds.

Playgrounds are since the 9. May open again. The General distance and hygiene rules must be respected .


28. May 2020 may be trained in all public and private sports facilities, sports halls, Fitness and dance studios, and similar facilities to make contactless payments in closed rooms, if all of the people staff always have a minimum of 1.5 meters from each other comply with, no crowds of people, regular Hygiene and disinfection measures, in particular in the use of devices, in a regular and hourly exchange of air with fresh air takes place and the contact details of the User are collected .

Outdoor pools are already open again, but only if certain conditions are complied with: The General distance requirement, as well as the General hygiene rules and recommendations adhered to free will, in particular, by control and limitation of access and the use of devices, which sports the exercise is to contact (not valid for spouses or life partners of, or members of their household, as well as for persons, a concern or dealing rights), it will be regularly necessary for each specific case Hygiene and disinfection measures, the use of sanitary facilities, in particular, collective changing rooms, shower rooms, toilet facilities, is in strict compliance with the spacing and hygiene rules, the contact details of the visitors are for the purpose of a possible infection tracking collected.

From the 13. June hall bathrooms, as well as dry saunas with a temperature allowed to open about 80 degrees again. Infusions, however, are not permitted. 13. June 2020 floating, fun, leisure and thermal baths, and other bathing facilities in confined spaces, able to receive guests .

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