Daniel Straesser, “Wow!” The extreme new “crime scene”Commissioner

Daniel Straesser: "Wow!" The extreme new "The scene of the crime"-Commissioner

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  • 13.04.2020

Daniel Straesser embodies the new Saarland-"The scene of the crime"-Commissioner. His role is unusually introduced. The actor says.

Actor Daniel Straesser takes as the main Commissioner Adam Schürk in the Saarland-"The scene of the crime" his service on.

Actor Daniel Straesser takes as the main Commissioner Adam Schürk in the Saarland-"The scene of the crime" his service on.

In Völklingen, in the Saarland-born actor Daniel Straesser (geb. 1987) is one of the two main investigators in the new Saarland-"The scene of the crime"-Team. At the beginning of the first If "The Impatiens" (13. April, at 20:15, the First) is introduced, the Berliner-by-choice as Commissioner Adam Schürk in an impressive way. What was he thinking, as he read the scene in the screenplay, and what he likes to the extreme character really reveals the artist in an Interview with spot on news. He told also how surprisingly close he, with the other coming "The scene of the crime"-Stars is interwoven .

You are now part of the "The scene of the crime"-Cosmos. What this means for you?

Daniel Straesser: First of all, it means that if you are asked what you are doing or what you turn straight, everyone knows the Format. I believe that there is anyone who has never been a "The scene of the crime" has seen and at least roughly what including can imagine or even an attitude the Format has. Recently, at an event at the Berlinale, I’ve Ulrike Folkerts [58, "The scene of the crime"-Commissioner Lena Odenthal] met and it was a beautiful Moment, to me as a colleague introduce .

In this challenge, Stormi must show patience

You are friends with an actor colleague who is also in a "The scene of the crime"-The Team is? If Yes, what did you want to know ?

Straesser: As luck would have it, is Commissioner my long-time friend Jasna Fritzi Bauer [31], starting from this year in Bremen-"The scene of the crime". Another good friend, Carol Schuler [33], takes over the investigations in the Zurich "The scene of the crime" and, most recently, I shot with Corinna Harfouch [65], which will soon determine in Berlin. With these three, I have to entertain me the most, but we are all, what is the Identify in the "The scene of the crime" relates to, even newcomers. But I think you’ll grow as fast and is as a regular crime, Consumers briefed enough.

Which one is your favorite-"The scene of the crime"-Team? And there is a case that has impressed you particularly ?

Straesser: A favorite team, I didn’t directly. I like how Jörg Hartmann invests his Faber as a role, and also the young ladies from Dresden, I’m very. My Favorite-"The scene of the crime"-Crime, however, came from the Wiesbaden. I think he meant: "It is the death of live " [2016]. Ulrich Tukur [62] and Jens Harzer [48] in a phenomenal slugfest. Very large TV.

As were the first and the last day of shooting "The Impatiens"?

Straesser: The first day of filming was extremely tiring and exciting. It was bloody raining, I remember. And the lunch we had also no, because a lot of photos and Interviews were made. On the last day of shooting, I remember, strangely, not really. But as far as I can tell, to this day, I realized that a Team of initially Strangers, a family was become .

Which scene will you personally stay in memory ?

Straesser: Particularly memorable scenes will stay with me Marie Anne Fliegel [80, role: Lida Tellmann]. How delicate and touching she played this role, and with what emotional force, which told of the fate of your character. That left no eye dry and no heart unmoved.

Did you know your Commissioner colleagues, actor Vladimir Burlakov, before the shooting, already?

Straesser: Vladimir and I met for the first Time in the Casting. And it immediately sparked, I’d say. That was the start, with many joint Meetings – "The scene of the crime"-Respect, and such a purely friendly nature.

What do you like about your role, Commissioner Adam Schürk, really like?

Straesser: Everything. I find the figures given to us by the author Hendrik Hölzemann here to the Hand, incredibly multi-faceted and out of radiant. To Adam in Particular, I like that it often looks to the Coolness, he is anything but cool. The explosive power that shoots from a rest out, flares up, and – at least apparently – going off again.

Commissioner Schürk has the same scene at the beginning is a badass. In the Bus, he defends a boy against a case of the father. What did you think when you read it in the script ?

Straesser: I thought: Wow! So you have a figure. A very short Moment, tells, very, very much, and rouses in the spectators, I think, immediately is a the interest.

Would you call it a Form of moral courage, as Adam Schürk behaves as ?

Straesser: It is not my personal path. The would be clearly pacifist. But Yes, it is a Form to respond to a wrong. The moral assessment of the way I leave to others. A thousand times better than the much too frequent look the other way in the society, is to me but from all.

Happened to you personally a little, where you have to show the courage needed to?

Straesser: We all face constantly, and especially now, a Situation in which we have the courage to show. At the European external borders people will be denied their right to asylum, should be allowed, like a Virus, sooner or later, a mass extinction will trigger. The cynicism, the inhumanity is here, hushed by the policy, leaves me speechless. We can’t gather together just and on the road are going to make us for these people in the Camps and their rights, but there are other ways of protest and the use of human rights. Check: #leavenoonebehind

How and with whom you will be able to view the first broadcast ?

Straesser: Yes, that was planned before the Virus as a large common Happening with me in front of the projector. Now s will be held’in the inner circle .

How excited are you to Feedback? The tension is greater than usual?

Straesser: I am very curious on the Feedback. A taste of what I got during the Preview in Saarbrücken at the Max Ophüls Festival. It was all very positive. Tense but I’m not. I know we have made a good movie and I am glad when people can finally look at .

What is your next project?

Straesser: Well, if I know. Currently, all shooting to stop. I just should turn a Comedy in Cologne, on the side of Corinna Harfouch, but for some time all the wheels stand still.

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